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in a prison in the u.s. prison in the rolling hills of michigan. pete hoekstra of michigan has thoughts on that in a segment you can't miss. finding big news in the healthcare debate today. what could be the beginning of the end for the public option. there is new reaction coming in at the top of the hour. stay with us. >> if this plan is mandated by congress, healthcare plan by congress, can you assure me that that plan will also be for congress, itself, and not just a -- [ applause ] a >>> coming up live from washington, two key congressmen in the healthcare debate, one a doctor will tell us what they're hearing at home in the midst to the town hall turmoil. plus insider will share amazing stories come from secret service agents about what happens inside the white house and what threats our president is facing. a convicted murder who wants taxpayers to pony up for his laser hair removal and sex change operation. that and more coming up in 20 minutes. >> jamie: welcome back. the dems are considering michigan prison as possible new home for gitmo detainees but it's not sitting well with
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-- 270 people in a 747. president obama might be losing friends in michigan. gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ . greta: look at this man, he murdered 270 people. they had never done a thing to him. this happens to be on board of a trans-atlantic flight. they were all blown to pieces for no reason. thtonight, this man is free. he is home with his family. he is the only person convicted for the bombing in lockerbie. here's what happened, on december 1988, a flight left heathrow in london bound for jfk. as income reached a cruising -- as it reached a cruising altitude, a bomb blew up the plane. the terrorist was arrested and convicted some time later. he was sent to prison for life. after serving 8 years for blowing up 270 unsuspecting people, the scottish government today released him. a jet took him home to libya. he was welcomed in libya as a hero. here is the scottish excuse for releasing this killer. >> compa
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>> 5:29. we start with the weather conditions in detroit, michigan. >> aha. >> did i get it right this time? >> yeah. >> detroit right now 63 degrees. we mention that because that is going to be the home airport for the pringle/carlin wedding party. 63 degrees. they've had seven inches of rain so far, pretty much a summer without a summer across the great lakes. they may get some heat this week, most of the week with spotty passing showers and maybe we can squeeze out a nice friday for them. locally, baltimore, 74 degrees, feeling like 78 across the inner harbor. we have a little bit of a heat wave coming up as temperatures will be pushing 90 for a couple of days. july right now on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, big difference from where we were this time yesterday. with big storms erupting but today most of the day storm-free. just an isolated storm popping up with the heat and humidity as this afternoon's two-degree guaranteed high reaches 89. >>> 5:30 on the clock. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. good morning. just getting word of
's michigan geography. actually drawn by megan. i love that. i love the middle. we could post this on-line. >> no. >> a signed copy and post it on e-bay. that might go for something for your registry. >> i would hope not. >> let's take you outside locally. we'll be tracking some michigan weather as well. friday the big night. hold up the hand, right? i love that. in michigan it's like you hold up the hand where you live, in new jersey it's what exit. i love it. parkville 78 degrees now. parkville middle school. we're looking basically at a warm start across the area, 69 towson. that is ryderwood elementary school. most of us upper 60s to 70. we are looking at basically dry conditions, just clear to partly cloudy skies across the area. we'll take you through this afternoon with our two-degree guarantee of 89. just an isolated storm popping up late in the day. >>> 6:00. let's go back to the roads with kim -- 6:01. kim brown. >> thank you. traffic is looking good on 95 southbound between whitemarsh boulevard and the 695 split. however, you can expect to see the ramp closed on 95 northbo
officials who say possible locations include a soon-to-be closed maximum security prison in michigan, and a military penitentiary in kans kansas. president obama ordered guantanamo closed by january 22nd of 2010. >>> our top story today or it has been what we're working on. iran detained three american hikers. swiss diplomats are trying to meet with them today. richard lui joins us now. the u.s. most of our viewers know doesn't have relations are ir iran. how do they work to get them released? >> that's the concern right now. we talked about this situation with cnn earlier, don lemon on our sister network. take a look. >> strategy number one is to shut up, to not talk publicly about it. number two, is to talk to anyone who is talking to the government of iran, and that is the prime minister of iraq has good relations with the government of iran and the swiss have represented our interests there for sometime. this is a real opportunity for the iranians to have a public relations coup that they can somehow that they are still participatary in the community of nations by simply confirmi
to the gentlelady from michigan >> thank the gentleman for yielding. mr. speaker i was produced to be the represent sponsor of the original legislation we passed a number of months ago. cash for clunkers, what a fantastic success. it has exceeded everybody's expectations. people are saying it is the best $1 billion in funds the federal government has ever spent. first of all, the ceo of one of the nation's largest auto groups said the most brilliantly conceived program put forward. ford motor company said it was a huge success. it congress appropriated $1 billion and we are only several days into the program and we need more cash for cash for clunkers. if we can think about the tremendous economic multiplier effect this is having. it is good for the auto dealers, good for the manufacturers, for the suppliers, for workers, for the states, mr. speaker. think about all of the revenue being generated by sales tax and licensing fees as well. good for the environment. getting all these old vehicles off the road, and it is absolutery great for consumers. here is one letter i got from a lady in michigan. t
. a little cloudiness this morning. by the way, detroit, michigan. that is one of the home spots for miss pringle. showers to the northwest. we're following their weather. they may have showers this afternoon and through tomorrow. we'll follow that same system trying to pass through pennsylvania and could bring an isolated shower as we head through tomorrow. then a better chance even though it doesn't look like it on wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon more showers try to roll back into town. today our two-degree guarantee gets us to 89. an isolated thundershower popping up. that 89 were added humidity will feel like lower 90s. we settle back down to 65 overnight with patchy fog. we'll have the rest of the week's outlook in a bit. >>> our check of the roads now with kim. >> thank you. checking around the tunnels and beltway we really don't have incidents to let you know about at this time. no delays. however, through harford, 95 northbound, off-ramp to route 543, riverside parkway, expect to see that remain closed because of a crash involving a tractor-trailer and passenger vehicle. i
. the olympian is cited for driving with a nonvalid michigan license and for never establishing maryland residency. that's $40 fine night. realize that mr. phelps travels a lot, he's got a very busy schedule. it could be an oversight. but that's something he'll to have address with the core. >> reporter: phelps said he had had just left penn station. he had had one beer two hours before the accident. something police had had to check ?iew. there's a process of how much alcohol you excuse me, how much food you have during that process what. the officers were looking for when they took his witness statement is his behavior. were his eyes glossy, was his speech slurred. >> the 28-year-old said she works in the mount vernon neighborhood. >> whenever i'm driving or walking i know to wait until the light is green tore like five second because we know they're going to run it. >> reporter: actually, in the last few minutes since we've been here we saw the same crash almost happen right here at this intersection. the michigan dmv is the one who told city police that license was invalid. phelps wi
. it was chilly this morning, 36 degrees. low 40's in northern michigan and parts of southern michigan and ohio. it is only 61 out at oakland and erie county. loa 70's around baltimore right now. 5258 is the temperature range. we certainly -- 50 to 58 is the temperature range. big area of high pressure. it is a slow-moving weather system. several days of this nice weather coming in with dry conditions coming out of canada and the atlantic. slight showers in some areas margin, but elsewhere acrossç e state, sunshine in abundance. only partly cloudy skies expected to brush past the area on thursday. heights from 71 to 76 tomorrow. it is when to be breezy on the day and at the customer. other than that, and the weather problems to anticipate. afternoon highs in the mid 60's. ocean city, the main thing tomorrow will be the winds coming of the north and northeast at about 20 miles per hour. out in the tropics we have some ways to watch. hurricane center is watching tropical storm erika. 73 tomorrow, mid 70's after a chilly wednesday morning. then to go back to temperatures around 80 on thursday an
. lawmakers from michigan who call cash for clunkers an economic lifeline say the things look good to siphon $2 million -- $2 billion to keep it going. >> it looks very strong, because we're hearing from dealers and consumers across the country that this is a stimulus that is working. >> four of the top sellers are japanese models, camry's prius and honda's civic, and the only u.s. model, the top seller of all is the ford focus. the white house says it's satisfied that u.s. automakers account for 47% of clunker sales. >> people are making decisions to buy cars for the first time in a long time. >> the original cash for clunkers legislation banned cash discounts for cars built outside the u.s., and offered bigger discounts for cars built hereen than in mexico or canada. that language was dropped with white house approval. >> it is interesting to note that the big three automakers have been represented well in this program, because they're building cars that americans want to buy. >> the buy america language, some feared, would violate free trade deals. >> i would love to add a buy american pr
small businesses get that are not getting the help. >> in michigan, where 1/5 of the jobs connected to the auto industry, governor granholm admits her state is getting a disproportionate boost. >> i think it's it's sweet justice. >> like today, the prospects of the clunker program got better when california democratic senator dieian feinstein and maine's susan collins announced the mileage improvements are better than skeptics expected and leaders of both parties want to keep the program. all the democrats in the senate will come here tomorrow and look for ways to do that in a meeting with president obama. bret: more on this with the panel. wendell goler live on the north lawn. general motors says 6,000 blue collar workers have taken the latest round of early retirement and buyout offers. that still leaves the company short of its goal, meaning more layoffs are likely. g.m. wants to cut 7,400 more workers by the end of the year. spending on home construction rose by 3/4 of a point. it is the second increase in three months. manufacturing activity declined at the slowest rate since l
confrontation in michigan. a source of boos in michigan and in florida. >> need you to clear a path so people can exit. >> reporter: the white house is struggling to stay on course. the president is looking at polls like this that show 50 percent of voters disapprove of his and ling of health care. >> how badly the health industry and the big drug companies do not want health reform. >> reporter: that's been the arguments that the protests are being organized. >> i'm not a right wing whacko. i was not hired by anybody or forced to come here. >> reporter: some may choose to avoid handgun town hall meetings. >> no signs of any kind. >> reporter: police work to maintain control but at times emotions made it difficult. >> fine then arrest me and my son right now. >> reporter: this could just be the beginning. two labor groups are asking their members to show up to back the white house plan. >>> health officials are a new plan for dealing with the swine flu fears keeping schools open. the government said schools should only close if large numbers have swine flu. they are working with parents to k
to michigan. three laps to go, jimmie johnson in the league, running out of gas. he finished 33rd, brian vickers, going on to win the race, he ran out of gas on his way to victory lane but moves to win 12 points in the chase, earning our geico 15 minutes of fame. coming up. >>> a main stay of the redskins defense and the per bowl experience. we'll visit with griffin when we come back. ♪ ♪ tell meho's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound. start at julie loves target, it's got the supplies teacher told her to get and for a great deal. she also expects he'll love the sandwich. she expects he'll think of her when he sees the note. so she shops target. gotta have deals on the stuff she's gotta get. target. expect more. pay less. it's the all new sesame strt forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly r
in northern michigan. we will hear what people there think and all that plus what the fox all-stars think right here, right now. >> welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. even though they are the minority party, republicans figure prominently in president obama's healthcare reform message today. the president signaled a growing impatience with the g.o.p. amid continued talk that frustrated democrats may try to ram through legislation however they can. here is senior white house correspondent major garrett. >> in his first appearance on a radio talk show broadcast from the white house and in a town hall later with grassroots supporters, president obama accused republicans of plotting their return to power through the graveyard of healthcare reform. >> early on, a decision was made by the republican leadership that said, look, let's not give them a victory. maybe we can have a replay of 1993, '94 when clinton came in. he failed on healthcare and then we won in the midterm elections and got the majority. later when talking to organizing for america loyalists, mr. obama said three senate loya
gardens and the whole wheat bread, scientifically balanced meals, and polish dries, and michigan peaches, the oatmeal. it was the 1920's and in the united states prohibition was the lore of the land and he had his managers try to enforce it in brazil as well although it was and the law, it was not legislation there. on weekends the company organized not just soccer but also square dancing. this board had become a bit of an obsessional advocate of old-time dance, of conservative square dance and round dance and polkas and walls is. he had them also listen to recitations of henry longfellow poetry and william wordsworth and other poets. the hospital ford built then you saw a little bit of that in the documentary offered free health care not just to workers but to visitors. it was actually designed by albert con, the famous architect to design the number four buildings back in dearborn and detroit. ford a central square that had sidewalks and indoor plumbing, manicured lawns, movie theaters, perfume shops, swimming pools, tennis courts and a golf course and of course model ts and model a's
of this explosive fire. this is in michigan. it's mostly under control now, but, boy, was it raging yesterday at a fuel storage facility near flint. hu huge -- fire officials plan to knock down both of those buildings today. they think the fire may have started near an electric meter. >>> paula abdul is leaving "american idol." she posted a twitter message saying "with sadness in my heart, i've decided not to return to "idol." last month her manager told the los angeles times that producers hadn't offered her a new contract yet. the show's producers say abdul was an important part of "idol" family and they wish her the best. >>> tonight, though find out the real story behind abdul's surprising departure. this has got a lot of people raising eyebrows. did she quit? was she let go? what does this mean for the hit show? watch "showbiz tonight" right here on hln. >>> folks in kentucky are cleaning up after storms that set off flash flooding around louisville. >>> i know a lot of you there in louisville, kentucky are cleaning up today as we see those floodwaters finally recede for you. a storm sta
thought on this story. do you think detainees from g n guantanamo should be moved to this michigan prison in order to keep the prison from closing? give us a call at 1-877-tell-hln or e-mail us at or text us your views at hlntv. your opinion is important to us. thank you for letting us know how you feel. >>> the public wake for eunice kennedy shriver will begin in about an hour from now. thousands are expected to pay their respects to the woman behind the special olympics. the service is being held at a roman catholic church on cape cod. shriver, the sister of john kennedy, died tuesday at the age of 88. >>> dick cheney, of course, was president bush's right-hand man but was that close enough for him? he's god a new memoir coming out and some of the revelations could surprise you. >>> we just paul has died. the 94-year-old jazz guitarist became famous in the 1930s for les paltry oh. they performed on bing crosby's show. he invented the les paul electric guitar. it was among the first of its kind, along with the fender electric. the mayor of new jersey said paul may have died f
intended. >>> news around the nation starts in michigan, take a look at this. a suspected thief gets dragged by his own car after leading police on a chase. the man tries ditch the car but somehow gets caught. it's a tough price to pay for a man police say tried to steal a purse. the suspected crook end up with a broken leg and a long list every charges instead. >>> tonight eunice kennedy shriver, sister of john f. kennedy, remains in critical condition at a massachusetts hospital. the 88-year-old had a series of strokes. her family and friends remain at her side. shriver is the founder and honorary chairwoman. special olympics. >>> now a look overseas, a typhoon tore through taiwan this morning, killing at least two people. the typhoon is causing serious flooding, mudslides and damaging high winds. about 20,000 people have been evacuated from coastal areas. >>> >>> wyatt has a look at the weather. at least we have sunny skies. don't have to deal with anything like that. my goodness! >> very rough weather going on there in the pacific. but back here, we got a break today because the
from the health care debate. in michigan. >> i want to answer to the question. is the money coming out of my paycheck? >> reporter: in georgia. >> they decideder we're just stupid. >> reporter: in florida -- >> i don't want the government to do it for me. >> reporter: after people were told they can only submit written questions, a town hall meeting with a michigan congressman got ugly. >> i have a question for this young man. i have a question for this young man. >> reporter: the man refused to sit down, so he and his wheelchair bound son were ejected by the police we tried to get a sense of what's going on at these town hall meetings and who's showing up. >> it's health insurance and who's paying for it? >> i don't like it. >> reporter: most of these people don't like the democratic health care plan, they're not happy with republicans, either. >> let me ask this question -- how many people here think democrats spend too much money? >> how many people here think republicans spend too much money? >> reporter: what's outrages them is being called the mob. >> i'm very upset by that. >> t
auto que se usÓ de huir de la policÍa terminÓ perjudicando a un ladrÓn en michigan. h@h@[lp@@ >> casi medio centenar de salvadoreÑos viajarÁn a estudiar este paÍs gracias al programa estadounidense de becas para la educaciÓn y desarrollo, que apoya al progreso de centroamÉrica y el caribe. salvador castellanos estÁ en santamarÍa para explicarnos en quÉ consiste programa y para presentarnos a una de las precarias. >> despuÉs de 22 aÑos de ejercer la docencia, la maestra salvadoreÑa araceli mejÍas se prepara para estudiar durante un aÑo en estados unidos. gracias a una guerra que recibiÓ del gobierno norteamericano. >> ese es un seminario, sobre para combatir la deserciÓn escolar en el Área rural. >> es parte de un grupo de 46 salvadoreÑos beneficiado por programa de becas para la educaciÓn y el desarrollo. lo que aprendan, no sÓlo serÁ determinante en su vida, sino en su natal santa marÍa, donde imparte clases a cientos de niÑos y jÓvenes. una comunidad rural de sÓlo 5000 habitantes, con altos Índices de pobreza que se siente orgullosa porque araceli fue sel
now. good old boys up in michigan this afternoon. we pick it up on lap 121. a tight group when curt busch and david reagan get together. spin out of control. both cars pretty messed up. kurt busch got the worst of it. he would finish 36th. get yourself a cold one. jimmy johnson dominated the race. with three laps to go, johnson runs out of fuel. literally. has to head to pit road. johnson finishes with a disappointing 33-place finish. brian vickers takes the lead. he's given a present, a victory at michigan. jeff gordon is second, dale earn heart jr. finished third. heck of a day for brian vickers who yesterday got in a fight with kyle busch in the nationwide race. pretty good redemption. wnba, 60-59 p b new york
, in çmichigan, three laps toç go,e three-time defending champion jimmy johnson. going along swimmingly until he runs out of gas would just over two laps to go. he drives right through, vickers earning a second career victory, the first ever for toyota in michigan. dale earnhardt, jr. finishes third, and, of course, there is one other story going on. tiger woods, we thought it was a foregone conclusion. this is getting very interesting. y.e. yang, he made dust off tiger. >> still ahead, the 7-day >> still ahead, the 7-day >> keeping an eye on three storms. >> 3 storms. one is getting better. and then we have caught dead, which is actually coming in the next couple of days -- we have clot that -- claudette. if you like yesterday, you will like m&a. most of the day on tuesday, evening thunderstorms possible -- you will like m&a. mostly cloudy for your thursday -- m&a -- you will like m&a -- monday. \ this is good news. >> that is it for 11:00 news at 6:00 -- for the news at 6:00. >> this is a wbal editorial would ceo gordon lot lead. >> seen these words and action, merriman hosts its annu
customers like this one in michigan appreciate getting a good deal but thinks there are strings attached. >> it's good for everybody, absolutely. you know, except for taxpayer. they got to pay for it. >> many dealerships complained the government has been slow in reimbursing them and have not been pleased with the bureaucratic delays. >> whenever happy with new cars been paid, then it's a success. >> this michigan car dealer has mixed feelings about cash for clunkers. >> sorry to see it leave. but there's been a lot of programs in the program. >> but officials insist the money is on the way. >> every dealer with a deal in the pile line will be paid. we have the money to pay them and they will be paid, and we're committed to doing that. >> some dealers are quitting cash for clunkers early to make sure all of their paperwork is submitted before the clock runs out monday night. clayton sandelle, abc news, denver. >>> today a baltimore community is getting kids prepared to hit the books. dozens of children getting spree school supplies and free haircuts at the party on the block event. neigh
milwaukee north of michigan up towards grand rapi rapids, michigan and continue to see rain chances for them tonight a under row the central portion of the country around the midwest the high pressure keeping us nice and clear at this time. now the temperatures still pretty good at 84 degrees downtown baltimore. 85 dc. across the bay over there 84 degrees in salsbury. hagerstown 86 degrees. looks like we'll continue to see the temperatures climbing into the 90's as we get into tomorrow. looks like humidity levels will start to go up a little bit as well. a little more muggy as we see the dew point climb. tonight looking at temperatures right around 75 for the overnight low. winds out of the south west at 5 and clear skies then we see the chance for showers start tiny crease as we get later into the weekend and bind chances for rain. detailed look at that coming up. >>>. concern over very popular weight loss drug. why the fda says alli may do more harm than good. that's next in the health check. >>> and pop star joins the explain. oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three
a nine run inning. the angels crush the os 17-8 in extras. nascar, on the trash in michigan today it was heartbreak for jimmy johnson and joy for brian vickers. lap 121. curt bush and david reagan. spin out of control. both cars slide down the track. curt bush gets the worst of it. he'll need a mechanic for this. he would finish 36th. jimmy johnson dominated the race. he led 165 laps. with three to go he runs out of fuel. oh, no. has to go to pit road. johnson ends wup a disappointing 33rd place finish. i ran out of fuel one time and i needed help. beside the fact. victory for brian vicker. he takes the checkered fla at michigan, his firstry vto inic more than three years, the second of his career. jeff gordon second, dale earnhart jr. third. >>> walking a fine line high above the ground. come back and check it out.
's with us in michigan. christie, your question for nancy. >> caller: hi, nancy, this is christie. i want to tell you i love your show. i watch it every night. two hours. i watch the rerun. >> thank you. why are you calling him and not me? because you have never called into my show. >> caller: i know. i always get nervous. >> what's your question, dear? >> caller: of all the stories that you've followed, which one has affected you the most? >> you know what, christie? i have been asked that question so many times. and i've got to tell you, i not only need my staff, and they are scattered between new york and atlanta, everybody on that staff wants to fight crime. everybody. everybody cares about these cases, and their heart and soul gets so into every case i can't just pick one. i know that during the disappearance -- i don't know if you remember. danielle van dam. she was the little girl take nen san diego and we had hoped and hoped she would be found alive. the discovery of her body, and she was identified by a mickey mouse earring. and it just broke my heart that that was the only way t
of churches across the country have even faced foreclosure, especially in places like michigan, where the cash crunch has been most serious. >>> meeting with members of maryland's agricultural community. president obama ordered the troops to work together to cut pollution in the bay. today's meeting follows a town hall meeting in annapolis earlier this week. >>> a voluntary pledge is good news for rural communities in carroll county. and for anyone who likes to eat fish. the poison is mercury. and the source is probably holding up your house. >>> rising out of the farms between new windsor and union bridge in carroll county is the lehigh siement cement plant. what falls out during manufacturing is mercury. >> constant vigil to keep after them. and see what we can do to keep monitoring their own pollution and try to make it as good as possible. >> reporter: that citizen monitoring is done by george maloney. he learned this week, lehigh has agreed to voluntarily reduce mercury conditions. >> under the terms of the consent decree, lehigh will reduce mercury emissions from 400 pounds a year to 86
in buffalo. alba albany, too. western adirondack. up in michigan this morning, spots like gaylord and around muskegon dipd down to 41 degrees. record low starts. a little early that taste of fall. 72 the temperature here and now 78 atlanta, georgia. not too bad there. high pressure continues to move in. so it gives us the dry air. the clear skies. the calm winds and what warmth we get radiates back out at night. meanwhile we've got one weather syst that's parked right along the coast. southeastern virginia down to the carolinas. that'sing to be moving away. our next chance of rain not till the end of the workweek. readings around the area, damascus maryland, 53. 54 degrees. everywhere a little cooler tonight. a few showers down south. those are pretty much gone and the radar stays quiet for a while but not the radar. in this area. this is around the baja peninsula. a major hurricane. it's jimena and it's moving north/northwest ward. those fires that are burning up in california that track starts to make a north and i think in a northeasterly turn probably taking most of the moisture into ari
. christi is with us in michigan. your question for nancy. >> caller: hi, nancy. i love your show. i watch it every night, two houfrm hours. i watch the reruns. >> thank you. why are you calling him and not me? i never called into my show. >> caller: i know. i always get nervous. >> what is your question, dear? >> caller: of all the stories you followed, which one affected you the most? >> you know what, christi? i have been asked that question so many times. i've got to tell you, not only me, but my staff. they are scattered between new york and atlanta. everybody on that staff wants to fight crime. everybody. everybody cares about these cases in their heart and soul gets so into every case. i can't just pick one. i know that during the disappearance -- i don't know if you remember danielle van dam, a little girl taken out in san diego in california. we hoped and hoped and hoped she would be found alive. the discovery of her body, she was identified by mickey mouse earrings, and it just broke my heart. that was the only way they could tell who she was was by her little earrings. i don't t
. people in michigan debating a plan that would move hundreds of detainee's from guantanamo bay to a maximum security facility in their community. debate is firing up in an emerges town hall meeting. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups. it's the most fuel efficient crossover on the highway. better than honda cr-v, toyota rav4 and even the ford escape hybrid. the all new chevy equinox. gregg: afghan voters are turning out for the second presidential election. the government is counting the ballots right now. as you recall, the taliban try to keep voters at home, threatening to cut off any finger with ink on it. militants were reportedly carrying out its least 73 attacks. 40% of the registered voters turned out by one projection. it has been dubbed gitmo north, a plan to move detainees from guantanamo bay to a maximum security prison in northern michigan. the facility is set to close this year because of state budget cuts. this plan has a lot of people fired up. they got a chance to speak their mind at an emergency town hall meetings ear
-- footage that i am? in 2006 they wanted to give a speech in michigan state, and they were heckled. he was called a racist, kicked, and spit on. that was not bad, but this is? >> i disagree with that. that is the point where we have to draw the line. free speech, these people are allowed to do it. it is wrong for them to deny all of those other folks across america. i will tell you, there will be a backlash against this. people will look at this and say that if this is what they have to do to stop health care, their argument must be weak. go up to the microphone and make your argument. neil: i do not know where your rage was in 2007, when condoleezza rice was heckled. that became a big scene with the blood of millions. then it was a proper use of protest. what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, right? >> if they want to go to a hearing on health care on the hill, want to disrupt that -- they need to realize that they will be arrested like these folks, that is okay. do not disrupt other americans opportunities to be heard. neil: free speech is free speech, right? in ap
. but it looks like the closest rain to us is over michigan with strong storms making the way through central michigan around north of lansing and kalamazoo. and temperatures warming through the mid-morning tomorrow. right now sitting at 77 degrees in baltimore. 76 in d.c. and then as you see through the next day planner. lunch time tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. and 85. and continue to get into the lower 90s. have a closer look at when the rain is arriving coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> thank you so much. >> tense situation downtown. fire officials say four manhole covers moved by underground blast. fayette and eutaw streets before 6:00 tonight. bge said a gas leak caused it. traffic is being diverted around the area. and intersection will be partially closed tomorrow morning while they fix the gas main. . >> a double dose of nicotine. why riding in a car with smokers is worse than being in a bar with them. >> the police force wants a fair pay scale. why they have to sue the city to get it. >> a test drive turns deadly. ♪ ♪ once you've dealt with the things that come between you.
it all down. >>> when are we going to start getting the michigan weather forecast? >> i need to know. >> great idea. we should start putting that up. >> i only want to hear if it's going to be nice. >> that might be tough. we got some of this week. it's hot. a little sticky but nothing too oppressive. 711 degrees now in baltimore. 71 degrees. 73 easton. 50s in the mountains of oakland in garrett county. had sprinkles come through overnight and otherwise we're looking at basically clear skies across the area. temperatures will be averaging around 70 this morning. we'll go quickly in the mid-80s and get to about 89, that's our two-degree guarantee this afternoon with an isolated thundershower popping up. let's see if we can check that michigan forecast in a bit. >>> 5:09. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> 95 southbound wide open from about the hazelwood overpass to the 695/895 split. we have a couple of road closures overnight for construction projects that will be reopening as the morning goes along. 695, inner loop, northbound at frederick road, two left lanes and
and shoes under $100. and get this. there's no limit on how much you can buy. >>> a michigan man apparently had a monopoly meltdo and it ended with him going directly to jail. here he is. kenneth repke. that's not him. we'll show you in a second. playing the board game with a neighbor. police say he got mad when his opponent refused to sell him the best properties on the board. >> the male subject who is the friend asked to buy boardwalk and park place. she refused. he got angry and slapped her in the side of the head, knocking her glasses off and knocking her to the ground. >> he has been charged with assault and battery. he'll be in court next week. >>> a recent college graduate who can't find a job wants her money back. trina thompson is suing for the $70,000 she paid in tuition at new york's monroe college. she accuses the school of not doing enough to help her land a job. on top of her unemployment problems trina is now dealing with mounting debt from student loans. a monroe college spokesperson says thompson's lawsuit is completely without merit. perhaps she should start play g i ing
rising across the country from florida to michigan, texas to colorado. the town hall meeting is democracy 101. >> we're not a member of the mob. >> reporter: forums for free speech. >> i actually have read this bill. >> reporter: but many have turned into free for all. >> obama. >> one point it felt like people were worried about drawn drowning each other out than listening. >> reporter: the crowd shouting to get in and where members of congress, like michigan democrat john dingell, get shouted down. much of the passion and protest comes from conservative voices opposed to the democrats' plan for a government-run objection for health care. the democratic national committee, in a web video, charged these protests are staged. >> now, desperate republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs. >> reporter: some anger on display gets stoked by the megaphone of rush limbaugh who went so far as accusing democrats to of wanting to socialize medicine of nazi germany. >> it's danm close to a nazi swastika. >> reporter: acknowledged they sent e-mail alerts to members but argue the
in romulus, michigan. >> you see him standing there michigan congressman john dingell, who held the town hall meeting and hear a lot of pushback on the bill. congressman joins me live from detroit. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, delighted to be here. >> well, let's talk about the jeers and the anger at those town hall meetings that you held. do you understand why some of your constituents are upset and angry? >> well, my constituents right now have a lot of concerns about what's in the bill. and i think that that's a very legitimate concern and it is something to which the members must respond. this is why we have these town meetings so all of our people will have an opportunity to be heard and say their thoughts so we can write better legislation by having full participation by our people. that's very essential part of the democratic system. and it's very important to us that we know what our people care about abo. >> there was a gentleman there, i am sure you remember the scene well, a son with cerebral palsy, he had a son with him at meeting. are you planning to meet with him a
, michigan. monroe county sheriff's departments have confirmed that an officer has been shot. let's go right now to the live pictures that are just coming into our newsroom right now. there are several e.m.s. units there on the scene. according to neighbors, they are in a fullout manhunt now looking for the suspect in this neighborhood. it happened just a short time ago, in fact, about 20 minutes ago. the department is not releasing any other information at this time. i want to get on the phone and see what else i can find out about the manhunt portion of this. a lot of times they will tell us those details so people will be on the lookout. they may not confirm for me the condition of that officer. that's information that sometimes they will stick very close to the vest on with that police officer who is down right now. carrollton, rock road road in south rockwood, michigan. as i learn more, of course i'll bring it to you. those are live pictures coming to you from the scene. jane: a senior defense official is calling the situation on the ground in afghanistan winnable. what do our forces ne
making its way in toward ohio and indiana. lower michigan as well. the chicago picture picking up the rain very well. like yesterday morning we'll get the latest at o'hare and midway. unfortunately that rain is going to continue on through. flash flood warning. that's set up for chicago itself. down to the south a little bit farther you can see kansas city, oklahoma city, more storms as well. it's heavier as you get down closer toward dallas. more on that coming up in just a little bit. natasha. >> look at the storms going on lately. my goodness. >> well, second in command in south carolina has a message for the governor. resign. but the governor has something to say about that. hmm. plus -- >> i'm not going to move, and you're not going to arrest me. >> oh, it was a shoutdown at a health care protest, and police moved in with hand cuffs. ten minutes after the hour right now. famous crime writer dominic dominick dunne has died after a long fight with cancer. dunne started writing about crime after the 1982 murder of his daughter and became a crime victim's advocate. he was work on
in a bed. jon: the unemployment rate in michigan is over 15 percent right now. how about this possibility? housing the terror suspects from guantanamo bay? jane: a shark attack. the coast guard races in. these dramatic pictures coming your way. when morning comes in the middle of the night... rooster crow. affects your entire day. to get a good night's sleep, try 2-layer ambien cr. the first layer dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep. and unlike other sleep aids, a second dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep. when taking ambien cr, don't drive or operate machinery. sleepwalking, and eating or driving while not fully awake with memory loss for the event as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and halluciations may occur. don't take it with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and in rare cases may be fatal. side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worseni
in tampa and also in michigan. the irony here, going to a town hall on health care may be hazardous to your health and your safety. >> reporter: hundreds lined unand at 6:00 it started off as a town hall meeting about an important issue. >> when it comes to your health care. >> reporter: but before the congresswoman could even get through opening remarks, the protests began. in fact things quickly turned violent. >> get off of me! >> back up! >> video mark bishop was among those roughed up. >> that's the most violent anybody's ever gotten towards me. it was surprising to say the least. >> reporter: outside, hundreds more were locked out as the building quickly filled to capacity. people banged on windows and doors. and became so loud, the congresswoman was eventually escorted out. some argued that mainly health care supporters were allowed inside the building. >> everyone's voice should have the right to be heard and tonight was not a good example of that. there were a lot of people that were shut out of tonight's meeting. >> many were so outspoken, it became impossible to have a discussion
at fort leavenworth in kansas, and one in michigan. of course, some hate the idea of bringing the suspects here. others believe that we need to bring them here. with me now is the mayor of lansing, michigan. i also have a former attorney. we also have a fox news contributor. >> we house murderers and rapists. we have well-trained, well- equipped corrections officers that can do a good job. the concern they take care of these individuals. these are professionals. unfortunately, with michigan's economy, we could use a shot in the arm. this is something we are prepared to do. as long as they are going back to their country after serving time, we are well-equipped, and ready to go. martha: i understand your argument completely. also, as we were talking about in the break, i believe we have the capability to keep them in prison. the problem comes when you try to prosecute them in the country. the way a lot of the information must gleaned, it was gotten from methods that were not allowed. >> we could be talking about permanent jobs here guarding these people, and then where do you try them? do y
security prison in standish, michigan, are being considered as possible multi-purpose destinations for detainees that could contain courtrooms for both federal criminal trials and military commissions, and house, in one place, detainees now being sorted into three groups. those being held for trial, those being indefinitely detained, and those cleared for release but without a country to take them. in standish, michigan, where the unemployment rate stands at 24%, the maximum security prison is slated for closure. some local officials support using it as a detainee facility to preserve jobs. but michigan congressman pete hoekstra disagrees, saying turning michigan into a terrorist penal colony is not the way to improve the economic situation. for now, the white house is dodging the argument. >> well, i don't know to the degree to which they've gotten into specifics siting, and certainly no final decisions of any sort have been made. >> reporter: housing and trying most of the detainees at one location could reduce costs and avoid the risk of moving suspects for trial. on the other h
coordinator. floda, notre dame, michigan, among other stops. the question a lot of people are asking, will the defense change? >> jon: i don't think it's going to change. they'll tweak it here and there. when you have a defensive team that has dominated the way they've dominated, that's no reason to change ch. >> mike: great part of thetaff last year, coaching the linebackers. now is the new coordinator. running back danny woodhead, stopped in the backfield. >> jon: let'stalk about their base defense. they line up in a basic ree-four defense, just like the cowboys, like the steelers, and they rock you. they know how to play that defense. then they' play the slide front. they kick everybody towards the tight end. they cover up ray lewis. he runs and smashes you. then they play the bear front. an obvious pressure look. the bear front came from buddy ryan,ack in those days in chicago, now they call it the four-six. call it whatever you want, they play it well. >> mike: pass is caught. by wallace wright. it will be third down and about half a dozen. >> ron: i'm going to show you the sizz
northern michigan, wisconsin approaching chicago. if you are flying through o'hare or midway later on you may have some delays as that it gehetscloser to . us temperature-wise lower 70s in town. 59 in oakland. some 60s culpeper to charlottesville. in the upper 80s today with partly sunny to mostly sunny skies and code yellow moderate air quality. good morning, angie goff. >> hello, everybody. welcome back from the weekend. happy monday to you. take a camera tour to get your traffic. 270 at 121. no delays to the split. we will glance at the capital beltway. happy to report the inner and outer loop are free flowing past new hampshire. in virginia, 95 northbound. nice, quiet commute so far. no incidents or accidents. moving on to 395. early morning volume around the duke street area but okay approaching the 14th street bridge. and 66 eastbound. your commute is clear from gainesville, centreville and beyond. audrey, over to you. >>> more than 18 years after his plane went down on the first night of the gulf war, the pentagon has confirmed the recovery of michael scott speicher's remains. sinc
. >> he presented a michigan license at the scene. >> police say he was driving on on an invalid michigan license. >> he will be going to court. and talk to the judge and explain why he was driving around without a license. you know, i do know he was traveling a lot with the olympics and the training he does. but an issue for the court system. >> well, phelps has been inner harbour trouble with the law before. maryland state police busted nim d.u.i., back in 2004. but tonight, police say alcohol did not play a factor in last night's accident. we're live now in downtown baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> bge crews working on a utility pole in carroll county knocked down by a van earlier today. officials say it happened at the 1100 block of westminster pike around 4:30 this afternoon. they say the driver was not hurt. traffic still down to one lane in that area. >> if you have a story to tell, we want your take on it. upload pictures, video and written stories by going to and you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to pics at foxbalt
was thinking about opening a prison courthouse complex, either in kansas or michigan. so i called an administration official and i said is this real? and they said, well, it's really something we're considering. i said, well, is it one of three options or one of 300 options? and they said it's something we're considering. so i think the administration itself doesn't know yet exactly what's going to happen with all of these people. there's a detention task force that has been trying to get these answers. a couple weeks ago they asked for an extension. >> woodruff: does this intriguing idea of a combination courtroom and prison facility, do they tell you enough to understand how it would work? >> well, the premise is that there will be some guantanamo detainees who face civilian military trials of the sort that we're used to. there will be another group of detainees that faces some sort of reconstituted military war crimes trials. and then there's going to be what the administration describes as the most difficult group of detainees, some of the most dangerous ones, who can be locke
that we have some watch box lined up across parts of the midwest, over into parts of michigan and we also have severe weather here into the northeast and i want to zoom in, we are listening to susan candiotti earlier talking about the thunderstorms that they're having to stock their recovery mission going on. the storm's moving in, causing major delays in the airways. if you're trying to travel, have a bit of patience, these storms are going to stick around for a couple of hours. >> thank you very much, we appreciate the forecast and the advice. >>> the president's just arriving in gaud lahar ra, mexico, talking about the problems that all three countries face on the borders. they're also going to be doing some talking about the drug cartel, which is very interesting because our michael ware is in mexico, as well and has been doing unbelievable reporting taking us inside the los zetas. they have earned their reputation as the most feared among the mexican drug cartels. we'll show you why the u.s. is offering a $50 million reward for their capture. >>> and what does a mexican mafia have to
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